Protection of Double-wall Thermal Shrinkage Tube in Radio Frequency Coaxial Cable Assembly

- Apr 19, 2019-

Radio frequency coaxial cable is a cable with two concentric conductors, and the conductor and shielding layer share the same axis. The insulation material of radio frequency coaxial cable is composed of physical foamed polyethylene insulated copper conductor. The outer layer of insulation material is another ring conductor, i.e. outer conductor. The outer conductor (tissue shielding layer) is formed by copper strip, welded and banded; or is made of aluminum tube; or is made of braided structure, and then the whole cable is covered by the sheath of polyvinyl chloride material.

The limited TV in our life uses radio frequency coaxial cable. Have you ever met the situation that coaxial cable and connector often fall off and cause bad TV channel signal? When we wrap it with black tape, the TV signal returns to normal again. The reason is obviously that the leakage of cable leads to bad signal transmission, and the best way to solve this problem is to use black tape to wrap it up. It is the use of heat-shrinkable tube, ordinary single-wall heat-shrinkable tube is not good, to know that most coaxial cables are used outdoors, but also should consider the waterproof effect. The environmental protection double-walled tube is composed of radiation cross-linked polyolefin material and hot melt adhesive. The outer polyolefin has excellent insulation, flame retardant, physical, chemical and electrical properties, and the inner hot melt adhesive can buffer mechanical strain and seal well. Its main functions are insulation, sealing, waterproofing, anticorrosion, air leakage prevention and so on. It is widely used in the fields of sealing insulation, waterproof and anticorrosion of various wire harnesses, wires and cables and metal pipe bars.

Coaxial cables are protected by double-wall heat-shrinkable tubes to prevent signal leakage. Second, sealing insulation and waterproofing effect are the best.