Snap-on Silicone Tube Solves the Corrosion Problem of Overhead Line for You

- Jun 24, 2019-

Today, I share this case with you from a customer in Hainan. He hopes that we can help him solve the problem of external insulation protection of transmission lines, such as short circuit caused by wind drift of bare conductors such as transmission lines, jumpers and so on, as well as the corrosion of bare metal conductors caused by dirt, bird droppings, etc., especially the oxidation erosion and damage of bare metal conductors caused by damp air and acid rain. Bad.

As we all know, Hainan is a coastal city with tropical margin, no winter in summer all the year round, early spring, fast warming, large daily temperature difference and abundant rainfall. The annual precipitation is between 1000 mm and 2600 mm, and the annual average precipitation is 1639 mm. There are obvious rainy season and little rainy season. May to October is a rainy season, mainly frontal rain, hot thunderstorm and typhoon rain. The rainy season is from November to April next year, accounting for only 10-30% of the annual precipitation. Drought often occurs in the rainy season.

In such a vast environment, for outdoor overhead lines, there is a great test, the insulation layer of the line itself in such a harsh environment is not necessarily able to withstand the test, let alone bare conductors, in such a case, there is a high risk factor.

For this customer, we recommend the main product of the season - clip-on silicone rubber insulating protective sleeve, also known as open silicone tube and bird pecker tube. It is a product designed mainly for the insulation protection of outdoor overhead cables. Its products are made of high-quality silicone rubber material, with excellent electrical, anti-leakage and marking performance, excellent weather resistance, high mechanical performance and hatred. Water-borne and hydrophobic migration characteristics, high and low temperature resistance is extremely excellent, can be used continuously at - 50 ~150 ~C.

Its weather resistance and excellent electrical performance make our customers extremely satisfied. The product's intimate shape design is also very practical and easy for customers to use. Get good reviews from customers.

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