Solution of Thermal Shrinkage Marking Pipe in Marine Cable

- Aug 02, 2019-

In recent years, the shipbuilding industry is a strategic project of national key development. The Twelfth Five-Year Plan is the key period for the development of China's shipbuilding industry. The development of domestic and foreign shipbuilding industry and the change of shipbuilding industry pattern have brought opportunities for China's shipbuilding industry. In addition, with the Chinese Navy gradually moving towards "dark blue", the demand for naval ships and vessels is also growing, which brings new opportunities for the development of ship supporting cable enterprises. Our company has developed a series of solutions for the identification of ship cables, including marine power cables. As a key industry in China, the cable identification of ship power system has always been a headache for the shipping industry, which naturally has a very high standard for industrial manufacturing. Why is that?

The national implementation standard IEC 60092-350 requires that marine power cables have the characteristics of high voltage impact resistance, low power transmission loss, stable and reliable transmission; the long-term working temperature of cables is - 30 ~90 C, and the cables have the properties of flame retardant, fire-resistant, oil-resistant, seawater corrosion-resistant, ultraviolet light-resistant and low temperature cracking-resistant.

Cables with very high density bring great discrimination problems to engineering construction, so cable marking is very important! But the ordinary cable label accessories can not satisfy the long-term use of the same harsh environment as the cable. The ordinary cable label can only satisfy the label of the basic environment. Once there is external damage and interference, the service life will be greatly reduced.

Kehong Technology Department also receives feedback from the sales department for customer needs. In response to this series of needs, Kehong has launched this professional cable identification solution, which can meet the performance of flame retardant, fire resistant, oil resistant, seawater corrosion resistant, climate aging resistant, ultraviolet radiation resistant, low temperature cracking resistant in different environments, and can also meet the requirements. Work normally under certain high temperature and low temperature, keep the marking on the surface of the marking tube/card permanent!