Solution to Identify Marine Communication Cables

- May 30, 2019-

Marine communication cable is a kind of marine cable used in signal transmission and control system of various marine communication, computer and information processing equipment. The rapid development of China's shipbuilding industry has also brought new opportunities for the development of shipbuilding supporting manufacturers, which undoubtedly provides a broad market for the shipbuilding cable marking industry. On the basis of manufacturing traditional heat shrinkable marking tubes, Kehong has intensified the research on the use requirements of marine cable marking, and achieved a good market share. In order to better meet the needs, our company has developed a series of cable marking products! And maintain the unique "permanent identity"!

The national implementation standard IEC 60092-376 requires that marine communication cables have the characteristics of high voltage shock resistance, low attenuation of signal transmission, good shielding, strong anti-interference ability, stable and reliable signal transmission, and long-term working temperature of cables is -30 ~90 C.

Cables with very high density bring great discrimination problems to engineering construction, so cable marking is very important! But the ordinary cable label accessories can not satisfy the long-term use of the same harsh environment as the cable. The ordinary cable label can only satisfy the label of the basic environment. Once there is external damage and interference, the service life will be greatly reduced.

The Technical Department of our company also receives feedback from the sales department for customer needs. In view of this series of needs, we have introduced this professional cable marking solution, which can meet the performance of flame retardant, fire-resistant, oil-resistant, seawater corrosion-resistant, climate aging-resistant, ultraviolet light-resistant, low-temperature cracking-resistant under different environments, and can work normally under certain high temperature and low temperature, and maintain the marking. Permanent marking on the surface of the tube/card!

The company continuously introduces advanced production technology and equipment at home and abroad, and continuously strengthens R&D force. We strive to provide the best marine cable insulation accessories for the society and make our own contribution to the development of China's shipbuilding industry to the world's top level.