The use of heat shrinkable identification tube in repairing cable

- Nov 04, 2019-

Heat shrinkable identification tube: it is made of cross-linked environmental protection polyolefin heat shrinkable material, the base material has memory function, the surface is specially treated, and the font has permanent identification.

In the assembly of electronic machine, in order to facilitate production, debugging, maintenance and detection, it is often necessary to mark the end of the assembly cable, that is, to make a cable label.

There are many process methods for making cable labels. There are two main process methods for making cable labels:

(1) aluminum sign: cut the 0.5mm thick aluminum plate into T-shaped blank, and engrave characters on the blank through the manual lettering machine and the pre prepared font. This process method, which is time-consuming and low efficiency, is not suitable for mass production. Moreover, the vibration resistance of the sign is poor and easy to loosen, so it can not be used in airborne and airborne electronic equipment.

(2) plastic casing label: that is to say, characters are written manually on the plastic casing. The characters of this kind of sign are neither beautiful nor clear. The sign can only be used at normal temperature, with short service life and easy aging.

It is very convenient and flexible to make cable label by using the label and the process method. It can print all kinds of characters, and the handwriting is clear and beautiful. The anti-seismic, anti-corrosion and moisture resistance of the label are superior to aluminum label and plastic label.


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