Thin wall heat shrink tube is used in the oilfield to protect a circuit board

- Jan 15, 2020-

Recently, some customers need heat shrinkable tube to protect the following parts. Our company recommended the ultra-thin single wall heat shrinkable tube A-2TW ID25mm with the quality equivalent to X4-25.0-0-FSP. It is insulated and flame-retardant, which can meet the needs of customers.


After the sample test, the customer feedback samples passed the test, which can meet the use requirements of the site, and purchased several hundred meters. Thanks to the customer's trust and support to our company, kohong has always been following the principle of taking meeting the market demand as the center, taking the fighter as the basis, and achieving win-win between customers, employees and partners.

Kehong ultra thin single wall tube is the same as Raychem rnf-100 in quality, and is made of radiation crosslinked polyolefin. Its main functions are insulation, sealing, corrosion prevention and air leakage prevention. Executive standard: UL224,CAN/CSA C22.2 NO198.1-99.

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