Viton is used in hydraulic equipment

- Jan 07, 2019-

Viton, another fluoropolymer with high chemical resistance, is widely used in hydraulic equipment. It is highly flexible, with a very wide operating temperature range of -65 to 220 °C, making it suitable for protecting sensitive devices against heat.

1) Application

With superior resistance to high and low temperature, fuids, solvents and corrosive chemical, VITON-200 is particularly suitable for applications that require heat resistance, such as electric and hydraulic systems near engines and fuel tanks of airplanes and vehicles, and resistance to chemical solvents. It is particularly used in applications require high temperature (200℃) resistance or in chemically exposed environments. It can be used in applications where additional protection against weather, ultraviolet radiation and ozone degradation is needed. Used for insulation and strain relief on appliances and for protection of electronic components.

2) Features/Benefits

Shrink ratio: 2:1 

Excellent resistance to high temperatures, fluids, solvents, corrosive chemicals and radiation.

Extreme resistance to fuels.

High flame-retardance.

Conform to European RoHS environmental directive.

3) Operating Temperature Range

Operating temperature range: -65℃~200℃

Minimum shrink temperature: 150℃

Minimum full recovery temperature: 220℃