What is heat shrink tubing?

- Sep 27, 2018-

Heat shrinkable sleeves are also known as heat shrinkable protective sleeves to provide insulation protection for wires, cables and wire terminals. It has high temperature shrinkage, softness, flame retardancy, insulation and anticorrosion. It is widely used for insulation protection of various wiring harnesses, solder joints and inductors, and rust prevention and corrosion prevention for metal pipes and rods.

The heat shrinkable tube is a kind of special polyolefin heat shrinkable casing, which is also called EVA material.

It is soft and elastic. The heat shrink tubing (125 degrees) will shrink and is widely used in the insulation protection of various wire harnesses, solder joints and inductors, rust prevention and corrosion protection of metal pipes and rods.

Commonly used on wire joints, select the appropriate heat shrinkable tubes, set on the wire joints, heat the hot air gun, shrink the heat shrinkable tube, and hold the joint tightly.