What is the effect of raw materials on the performance of cold shrinkable tube

- Nov 28, 2019-

We know that the main raw material of the cold shrinkable cable accessories is silicone rubber, so how does the quality of this silicone rubber affect the quality of the cold shrinkable cable accessories? In fact, it mainly affects the physical and mechanical properties of the cold shrinkable cable accessories, resistance to leakage and tracking, etc.

Generally speaking, the tensile and tear strength of ordinary silicone rubber is relatively low. If the tensile and tear resistance of silicone rubber is to be improved, the elongation will be reduced and the hardness will be increased; while the silicone rubber used to manufacture the cold shrinkable electrical cable accessories is required to have high elongation, low hardness and high tensile and tear strength at the same time, i.e. 800% elongation, 45% shore a hardness, and tensile strength The strength is 10MPa and the tear is 30KN / m.

Generally, the way to improve the resistance of silicone rubber to electric leakage is to add a lot of aluminum hydroxide; however, after adding a lot of these fillers, the hardness of silicone rubber will be improved and the elasticity will be reduced. Guangzhou Kehong Electronic Co., Ltd. has developed advanced technology to make the resistance to electric leakage and marking reach level 4.5 without affecting the hardness, elasticity and expansion ability of silicone rubber. Moreover, this technology also makes the silicone rubber have strong hydrophobic ability. The rainwater drips on the end of the cold shrinkable cable, which can neither adhere to the film, nor form a conductive channel; on the contrary, it can wash off the ash layer on its surface. That is to say, it can significantly improve the electrical performance of the cold shrinkable cable terminal, and the application and exploration of the heat shrinkable cable accessories can achieve a relatively large leakage flashover distance within a relatively short size of the dark group.

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