What is the high temperature heat shrink tube?

- Dec 20, 2017-

High temperature heat shrinkable tube is a polyolefin heat shrinkable tube made of multiple special processes, which is usually called EVA. Its application is very extensive, for example, cable, wire, resistor, capacitor insulation protection, solder joint protection or electronic components coating, as well as metal products can be well protected against rust or corrosion protection. In general, high temperature heat shrinkable tubes can be divided into 125 degree heat shrinkable tubes, 135 degree heat shrinkable tubes, 150 degree heat shrinkable tubes, 175 degree heat shrinkable tubes, 200 degree heat shrinkable tubes, 260 degree heat shrinkable tubes, medical heat shrinkable tubes and so on.

The outer layer of high temperature heat shrinkable tube is a soft crosslinked polyolefin material, while the inner layer is formed by hot melt adhesive composite processing, it is because of its special process, so it can effectively resist outer insulation material, and wear characteristics, and it has low melting point and inner layer waterproof sealing and high adhesion etc..

Compared with other similar products, a high temperature heat shrinkable tube is a super value choice for insulation, protection and sealing. And the high temperature heat shrinkable tube is closely adapted to the size and shape of the bottom of the material to be fitted after heating, so that it can ensure that the installation is fast and accurate. Nowadays, in order to adapt to the changing social needs, there are many other kinds of materials in the high temperature heat shrinkable tube. They have different colors and sizes, and are more convenient and easy to use.

Due to the high temperature heat shrinkable tube and its excellent performance and characteristics, so it not only can be used as special materials in aerospace, cutting-edge technology, military technology sector, but also can be used in various departments of the national economy, nowadays, its application scope has been extended to all aspects of our lives, such as metal smelting, construction, electronics electrical, textile, automobile, machinery, chemical industry and so on, so it is not difficult to foresee, along with China's domestic silicone raw materials such as the continuous improvement of production level, it must contain a huge space for development.