What is the role of heat shrink tube in life

- Dec 20, 2017-

It is believed that the general people do not know much about the product of heat shrinkable tube, but the heat shrinkable tube is indispensable in our life, and even all sides will use heat shrinkable tube. Below I will give you a simple introduction to the heat shrinkable tube this product, let you know more deeply.

For example: (1) the life of now, only the mobile phone has become a necessary communication tool, and a small mobile phone charging cable in use will damage the lint, small apple data lines currently used have been seriously damaged, I believe we all have the same trouble, in order to avoid damage bring the unsightly and unsafe, although the bad can buy, but we all know that Apple gadgets are not cheap, a small data line to more than 100, now is to introduce a small practical method, data line repair damaged by heat:

1. prepare tools that need to mend the data line: heat shrinkable tubes, scissors, and lighter.

2. cut out the reasonable length of the heat shrinkable tube with the scissors.

3. the heat shrinkable tube is cut on the broken data line.

4. the heat shrinkable tube is baked with a lighter to shrink the heat shrinkable tube to the tight data line.

6. after the heat shrinkable tube is cooled, it is completed.