Why Heat shrink Cable Repair Sleeves are Used in Cable Lines

- Mar 30, 2019-

According to the maintenance experience of cable lines, most of the faults of cable lines occur in the sealing place of cable joints. Therefore, it is of great significance to select suitable sealing materials and methods for the correct sealing of all-plastic cable joints for design, construction and maintenance.

1. Technical requirements of all-plastic cable connecting sleeve and its installation: The external environment of all-plastic cable line is complex and changeable, and there are many external factors. Consideration should be given not only to the regular factors, such as hot sunshine in summer, low temperature and ice in severe winter, changes in wind, rain and temperature, and the effects of moisture, but also to sudden phenomena such as lightning, typhoon, earthquake, power burns, leakage and corrosion of DC pipelines.

2. Technical Requirements for Full Plastic Cable Joint Sealing

(1) With strong mechanical strength, the joint should be able to withstand certain pressure and tension.

(2) It has good sealing property and can meet the requirement of air-tight.

(3) Easy to construct and maintain, easy to operate.

(4) It has a long service life.

3. Selection of Heat-shrinkable Casing

According to the requirements of cable outer diameter, joint length, joint outer diameter and cable gas preservation, imported and domestic products are selected.

4. Heat shrinkable casing assemblies