Why to Protect Fishing Lead Drop with Heat-shrinkable Tube

- Jun 27, 2019-

Today, we will introduce why to use heat-shrinkable pipe to protect fishing plumb. First, we will understand what plumb is. Lead plumb, also known as plumb, is an indispensable auxiliary fishing gear in the fishing group. It weighs 1, 10, 50 or even several hundred grams. Its role in fishing is that when throwing the rod, the fisherman uses its weight to throw the bait into the fishing point in front of him, and then balances the fishing group by its weight after entering the water. When biting the hook, the hook can use the weight of the lead drop to pierce the lip of the fish to make the hook in the middle of the fish.

Then the question arises. Why use heat-shrinkable tubes to protect the plumb? When people are smart to throw fishing rods into rivers, lakes, reservoirs, ponds, when people in the competitive ponds, fishing ponds, when they are comfortable leisure fishing. Little do they know that they are consciously or unconsciously polluting the poor water we have (only 21% of the world's per capita level). Like bacterial bombs, lead poisoning is planted in almost all the waters of the country, even in small rivers. Over the years and in the long run, more and more lead poisoning is accumulated in water. Through oxidation and decomposition, the lead poisoning is transmitted from algae to fish and eventually accumulated in our human body. This is not a terrible legend, but something that happens every day.

Using heat-shrinkable tube to heat and shrink the lead drop can reduce the contact area between the lead drop and water, thus reducing corrosion. At the same time, different color heat-shrinkable tube can also decorate the lead drop for fishing, and increase the aesthetics.