1kv-110kv Cold Shrink Cable Accessories

- Dec 24, 2019-

(1) The installation is convenient to use cold shrinkage technology, without hot work and special tools, and without the trouble of putting in one by one. It only needs to take out the core rope gently. The constant force spring is used for grounding, without welding or copper binding wire. The construction is time-saving, labor-saving and space saving, especially suitable for places with small construction space. Each set of products is packed separately, with installation instructions and component list with pictures and texts.

(2) It is suitable for widely cold shrinkable cable terminals, which are constructed by pre expansion technology. Therefore, each specification can be applied to a variety of cable diameters, and has strong compatibility with cable diameters. In terms of structure, the cold shrinkable cable terminal head is of overall prefabricated compact design, with the integration of electric stress control pipe, external insulation protection pipe and rain skirt. So far, the company has a complete series of indoor and outdoor cold shrinkable cable terminals of 35kV and below, which are suitable for polyethylene cable, cross-linked polyethylene cable and ethylene propylene rubber cable.

(3) The electrical stress control of the reliable cold shrinkable cable terminal is made of hi-k with a dielectric constant of 25. The dielectric constant, dielectric strength, insulation resistance and dielectric loss factor of the material are kept stable for a long time. With this stress control method, the high electric field intensity on the surface of the terminal can be reduced to a safe range of 15V / mil, and the high potential moves to the end of the cable instead of concentrating on the cable screen The electric field distribution of the external insulation of the cable terminal tends to be divergent and even.

(4) Excellent quality terminal external insulation material is high-quality silicone rubber material, which has good hydrophobic performance, water drops roll off at any time on it, does not form conductive water film, and has hydrophobic self-healing performance. In addition, it has strong insulation, electric trace resistance, corrosion resistance and UV resistance, ensuring long-term stable performance. Same life as cable body.

(5) The unique material formula and manufacturing process make it closely adhere to the main insulation of the cable, provide a constant and lasting radial pressure to the cable body, with small partial discharge, high starting voltage, higher insulation impact level than the existing standard, good waterproof and sealing performance, and the same breath with the cable body.

Application scope:

The products are widely used in electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, railway, port, construction and other fields.

1kv-110kv cold shrink cable accessories

Product specification:

(1) The products are mainly classified as cable terminal and cable intermediate connection;

(2) The products are divided into three cores, four cores and five cores;

(3) Product model: 25-50m ㎡ to 300-400M ㎡.

Product name, model, specification, cable cross-sectional area m ㎡

Technical parameters of 1kV cold shrinkable power cable accessories

Commentary on test results required by project test item standard

1kV terminal power frequency withstand voltage 4KV, no flashover, no breakdown 4KV, no flashover, no breakdown

In the load cycle test, when heating for 5 hours in three cycles, cooling for 3 hours, and heating, the conductor temperature is 75 ℃, which is evaluated as passed by the following tests

4h power frequency voltage test 2.4kv/4h no flashover, no breakdown 2.4kv/4h no flashover, no breakdown