A New Rigid Heat Shrinkable Tube Which Can Withstand Extreme Environment Is Developed In China.

- Jun 15, 2018-

A new rigid heat shrinkable tube which can withstand extreme environment is developed in China.

The heat shrinkable tube has the shape memory function which can shrink when heated to a certain temperature. It can play the role of sealing, insulation, anticorrosion, moistureproof and identification in the continuous connection of various pipe and cable. It has been widely used in the fields of electronics, electricity, construction, transportation, petroleum, chemical, communication, ship, spaceflight and national defense. In 1959, the US A. Charlesby and its student Pinner applied for the first patent of the polyethylene heat shrinkable tube for Raychem company, opening up a new era of heat shrinkable materials. Subsequently, Raychem achieved the industrialization of polyethylene heat shrinkable tubes and made its products widely used worldwide. The first generation heat shrinkable tube developed by our country is mainly used in the first man-made satellite of China, "Dongfang No.1", but the time of the industrialization of heat shrinkable products in China is relatively late. At present, the global shrink tube market is still in the growth stage, and the product demand potential is huge.