Adhesive Description Of Polyethylene Anticorrosive Tape

- May 25, 2020-

After tearing off the anti-corrosion film of polyethylene anti-corrosion adhesive tape, the customer put a piece of paper on the adhesive side, and found that the paper was not firmly adhered, so the customer said that the anti-corrosion adhesive tape was not sticky, which was wrong. The viscosity of polyethylene and polypropylene anticorrosive tape is not judged in this way. It is measured by the adhesion of primer and steel. We have a standard when judging the viscosity of anticorrosive tape, called peel strength. Generally, according to the requirements of Industry Standard SY / t0414-2007, the peel strength of primer steel should be greater than or equal to 20n / cm. Generally, the polyethylene anticorrosive tape products of our company are around 24-25n / cm. If you wrap it up and test it, it is acceptable to reach this value.

During the construction of anti-corrosion tape, after winding and tightening, a certain amount of pressure is applied to it, and it will gradually stick more and more tightly. It's not to say that the hand or paper is very sticky when it's put on, it's just that it's sticky. Generally, the cold tape will not be very sticky, because it is not convenient during construction. If it is not well wrapped, it will not be pulled down, which is more troublesome. Therefore, we hereby state that the adhesion of the cold winding tape will be tightly adhered after you brush the primer on the steel pipe, wind it up, tighten it, or press it with the roller. Customer's response to this situation is not the quality problem of polyethylene anticorrosive tape, nor will it affect its anticorrosive performance.