Advantages Of Shrink Cable Accessories

- Dec 20, 2017-

One of the advantages of cold shrink cable accessories: the installation of cable accessories is very convenient, because the cable accessories has formed in the factory, so the installation does not require specific training, and does not require the use of fire, the working strength of engineering personnel is greatly reduced, and also improve the quality of cable installation.

The advantages of the cold shrinkable cable accessories two: the cold shrinkable cable accessories have good insulation. Because the raw materials are imported cold shrinkable cable accessories three Yuan rubber, EPDM rubber and silicone rubber has high elasticity and relatively good insulation, and after installation, the cable has been maintained a radial pressure so that the cable interface close well, not because of the cable respiration in the work process and lead to breakdown.

The advantages of the cold shrink cable accessories are as follows: Three: the cold shrink cable accessories have anti-aging, anti fouling energy consumption, and have good heat and cold resistance, especially in cold areas, high altitude areas, salt fog areas, wet areas and heavily polluted areas. In addition, in the process of installation, open fire will not be used, so it is also suitable in mine, chemical, oil and other areas.

The advantages of the four contraction cable accessories: cable accessories processing is completed, no joint line, the more beautiful, and its attachment will melt together and cable accessories in the run, this will greatly reduce the emergence of bad sealing.