Analysis Of Heat Shrink Shielded Solder Rings

- Feb 19, 2019-

Thermal shrinkage shielding solder ring is usually called (hot-shrinkable crimping terminal, waterproof terminal, waterproof terminal tube, waterproof terminal), is composed of tin-plated copper terminal and double-wall heat shrinkable casing, suitable for shielding grounding terminal treatment.

heat shrink shielding welding high temperature thermal shrinkage Taisi characteristics:

1, prefabricated solder to provide a controllable welding process.

2, easy to install, low installation costs.

3, optional pre-assembled lead line provides a convenient and easy to install.

Thermal shrinkage Shielding solder ring use: power supply line Connection protection, thermal shrinkage shielding solder ring to provide wire sealing, waterproof, insulation effect. Widely used in wire connection waterproof, salt-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-pressure, wear-resistant, etc., easy to install. Usage: automobile wire harness processing; auto accessory installation; automobile/truck wire repair and maintenance; marine wire; submersible pump/drilling motor power cord; wire and cable intermediate connection.