Analysis On Waterproofing Performance Of Double Wall Heat Shrink Tube With Glue Select Key Points Of Thermal Shrinkage Tool

- Feb 21, 2019-

The double-walled heat shrinkable tube with glue is also called the rubber-containing heat shrinkable tube, the double-walled heat shrinkable casing, and the double-walled heat shrinkable tube with glue is more waterproof than the ordinary heat shrinkable tube, the main reason is two points:

First of all, the inner wall of the double-walled heat shrinkable tube with glue has a layer of hot melt adhesive, after heating the hot melt glue quickly melts, filling the gap of the package, and then the outside polyolefin tightly shrinkage, so that the shrinkage of the heat shrinkable pipe thickness increased significantly, the degree of wear resistance has been strengthened. And the ordinary heat shrinkable tube is only a single layer, the inner layer does not have hot melt adhesive.

Furthermore, because the double wall heat shrinkable tube with glue is higher than the shrinkage of ordinary heat shrinkable tube, ordinary heat shrinkable tube is generally only 2:1, with glue double-walled heat shrinkable tube has 3:1 and 4:1, or even up to 6:1, such a heat shrinkable tube in addition to sealing waterproof characteristics, it is more suitable for some irregular products Ordinary heat shrinkable pipe is often unable to tighten the case, generally choose with glue double-walled heat shrinkable tube, with the improvement of people's living standards and the use of product safety requirements have been correspondingly improved, now a lot of products are used with glue double-walled heat shrinkable pipe, is widely used in electronic equipment wiring waterproof, anti-leakage, wire branch sealing fixed, Metal wire pipe anti-corrosion protection, wire and cable repair, water pump, submersible pump wiring waterproof and other places.

There are generally three types of thermal shrinkage tools: 1, oven selection; 2. Selection of industrial hot air gun; 3. Use boiling water to cook.

After a large number of tests, we found that our production of heat shrinkable pipe shrinkage faster, can save customers energy consumption. It is recommended that the oven (two kinds of sealed thermostat and tunnel oven) temperature set at 120-150 degrees, high-volume casing in the shrinkage of the double-walled heat shrinkable tube about 3-5 minutes, the choice of industrial hot hair dryer shrinkage time is generally more than 3 seconds, hot hair dryer temperature can exceed 200 degrees, The blower nozzle must be about 2CM above the heat shrinkable casing to avoid burning the casing. The use of boiling water cooking shrinkage is mainly some customers ' products can not be soaked, to avoid the oxidation of customer products, such as LCD electrical wiring and so on. The 1th and 2nd heat shrinkage methods, for the longer heat shrinkable casing should pay attention to the casing exhaust, preferably from one end to the other end of the shrinkage, so as not to shrink after the shrinkage of the bubble.

You need the heat shrinkable pipe is relatively special, the current manufacturers of goods can not meet your requirements, only manufacturers ordered to do, of course, the need for a certain amount of. Mainly because of a cost problem: first of all, each formula spent a lot of energy, especially the special color of the heat shrinkable tube, followed by the mixer has a minimum amount of high-temperature heat shrinkage tube, do different colors of the heat shrinkable pipe, extruder need to do the color of the material into the original impurity a little bit out, you can imagine this need to waste how Therefore, it is usually required to have a certain amount of quantification, such as small specifications of a few millimeter caliber to tens of thousands of meters, even if the large caliber of 150 of thousands of meters. Large caliber to do too little on the more troublesome, dozens of meters of the cost of hot shrinkage pipe even extrusion mechanical and electrical fees can not pay, large diameter heat shrinkage pipe is a large extruder, boot on the cost of more than 1000 yuan, so will not casually boot, boot a minute also to squeeze out dozens of meters of heat shrinkable pipe products, and although you only need thousands of meters, But the heat shrinkable pipe manufacturers have to set aside the surplus, not enough on the trouble, a little more good.