​[ Analysis ] Shrinkage And Recovery Function Of Heat Shrinkage Pipe

- Jan 25, 2019-

Thermal shrinkage pipe has special function of shrinkage when it meets heat. It can be divided into PE heat shrinkage pipe, PVC heat shrinkage pipe, PET heat shrinkage pipe and high-pressure heat shrinkage pipe for bus insulation. It can be used for coating and insulation of products with different occasions and requirements. Our company derives wood-like thermal shrinkable sleeve, metal-like thermal shrinkable sleeve, golden thermal shrinkable sleeve, aluminium alloy thermal shrinkable tube and noctilucent thermal shrinkable tube from commonly used thermal shrinkable sleeve products, which meet the requirements of different users. You can tell us your usage situation and requirements, and we will produce the most suitable heat-shrinkable pipe for you.

The imitation wood grain heat shrinkable pipe has the function of heat shrinkage, the appearance imitates the wood grain and the wood grain is lifelike. It can be used for wrapping plastic of iron pipe such as mop rod, curtain rod, expansion rod, bath curtain rod, hardware furniture, etc. Compared with traditional spraying, wood grain sticker and wood grain heat transfer printing process, the processing of wood grain appearance can improve production efficiency, reduce production cost and reduce equipment investment. It is a heat shrinkable pipe. The manufacturer of mop rod, curtain rod and expansion rod replaces the good products of traditional processing methods. The wood pattern of wood-like thermal shrinkable casing can be processed according to user's requirements.

UL confirms that PE irradiated cross-linked heat-shrinkable pipes have the advantages of high temperature resistance, high mechanical strength and good chemical resistance. They are widely used as insulation materials for cables, joints, transformers and inductance coils, and can also be used as anti-corrosion coating for oil, water, gas and chemical pipelines.

Flame-retardant and environment-friendly PE heat-shrinkable tube has satisfactory flame-retardant and insulation performance, very soft and elastic, low shrinkage temperature, fast shrinkage, mechanical strength, temperature resistance, acid resistance, alkaline performance, aging resistance and so on. Applicable temperature range: - 55 ~125 C; start shrinkage temperature 70 C, complete shrinkage temperature 120 C; easy to use, can shrink with oven and hot air gun heating; meet safety standards: UL224VW-1C-ULCSAC22.2OFTPE hot double-wall shrinkage pipe shrinkage pipe is widely used for insulation marking of terminals, leads and joints.

Environmental protection PVC heat shrinkable hose is specially made of environmental protection PVC formula. Environmental protection PVC heat shrinkable hose has the special function of heat shrinkage. Environmental protection PVC heat shrinkable hose is acid, alkali and corrosion resistant, and can be used for chain, chain, spring, wire harness, pipeline and pipe fittings protection.

Heat shrinkable tube, also known as high member state recall material, is a kind of intelligent material which is cross-linked between high member material and irradiation processing technology. Normal high-member materials, such as polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride, are generally strip-shaped structures. After irradiation by radiation sources such as electron accelerators, these materials will have a common "memory effect". Expanded and cooled materials can be retracted and restored to their original state after heat exposure.

The retrospective function of heat-shrinkable tubes can be used to manufacture heat-shrinkable tubes, membranes and special-shaped materials. The main characteristic of heat-shrinkable tubes is that the heat-shrinkable tubes can be coated on the surface of material saving, and can play the roles of insulation, moisture-proof, sealing, protection and continuation. The radial shrinkage rate of shrinkable materials can reach 50%-80%. With these exceptional functions, thermal shrinkable materials are widely used in electronics, household appliances, communications, power, public buses, pipeline corrosion protection and other industries.

The domestic high-member material irradiation processing industry developed in the 20th century and the 50th year, and the first polyethylene heat shrinkable tube patent was filed by American Reikan Company in 1959. After more than 40 years of development, Rycan has developed into a large multinational company with 8,000 employees, more than 3,000 kinds of shrinkage product specifications and an annual value of nearly 3 billion US dollars. Globally, the break-up of American Rikam and its company is leading the market of thermal shrinkable materials for electricity and electronics. Overall, the market of thermal shrinkable materials in politics and law is in the long-term interest-generating stage, and the average annual growth rate of market demand is 1% inside and outside.

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