Antistatic Color Paste For Teflon

- Sep 03, 2020-

Antistatic color paste for PTFE

In the process of PTFE coating, it is necessary to have the antistatic ability of PTFE layer, at the same time, to keep the surface smooth, color equality and operability. Most users of this kind of color paste do not have the ability of independent research and development. Basically, they buy it directly from technology companies with strong technical strength. However, the price is too high to achieve the expected effect. The natural color paste is a kind of water-based color paste, which mainly uses carbon black as the main body of anti-static. The ultra-fine carbon black particles (below 0.05um) are evenly dispersed in water by superior dispersant. In addition, various additives (humectant, defoamer, brightener, stabilizer, etc.) are added to keep the color paste stable for a long time, and the uniform coating amount is maintained by proper viscosity. No matter in terms of blackness, brightness and flatness, the glued surface is excellent, especially the cost is greatly saved.

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