Appearance And Function Of Yellow-Green Heat-shrinkable Tube

- May 06, 2019-

Yellow-green heat-shrinkable tube is one of the classified colors of heat-shrinkable tube. We know that the standard colors of heat-shrinkable tube are black, white, red, yellow, green, blue and transparent. In fact, yellow-green heat-shrinkable tube is also a common color of heat-shrinkable tube.

How did the yellow-green shrinkage tube come into being? Yellow-green heat shrinkable pipes are made of radiation crosslinked polyolefin materials, which have excellent physical, chemical and electrical properties. The main functions of yellow-green heat shrinkable pipes are electrical insulation of connectors, rust and corrosion prevention of solder joints, mechanical protection and wire harness protection, etc. They are widely used in the fields of electronics, communications, machinery and automobile manufacturing. The reason why yellow-green heat-shrinkable pipes appear is that we should first understand the meaning of yellow-green: the so-called yellow-green heat-shrinkable pipes are not really yellow-green heat-shrinkable pipes, but only yellow-green heat-shrinkable pipes, i.e. a yellow-green heat-shrinkable pipes which are combined repeatedly. The yellow-green heat-shrinkable pipes are generally used as the marking line of the ground line, and the relevant standards are marked.

According to GB2681-81 the standard of conductor color in electrical equipment, yellow and green two-color (each color width is about 15-100mm alternately pasted): safe grounding wire. Yellow or yellow-green heat-shrinkable pipes are also used as the marking color of ground wires in the insulation industry, so yellow-green heat-shrinkable pipes are popular. The main function of yellow-green heat shrinkable pipe is the marking of ground wire, followed by the function of insulation, sealing, anticorrosive decoration and so on.


Yellow green heat shrink tube