Application Analysis Of Dual Wall Heat Shrinkable Tube

- Jan 24, 2019-

There is also a big difference in the price of double-wall heat shrinkable tubes on the market. The reason is that the materials used are good or bad. The raw materials of low-cost heat shrinkable tubes may only be "polyethylene + plastics + product color". And a good formula is also the core technology of a factory and the key to the competitiveness of a factory.

So heat shrinkable tube also has a valuable reason, the key is the quality of the material, and better formula can reduce costs, naturally reduce the sale price of heat shrinkable sleeve, increase competitiveness.

There are many kinds of heat-shrinkable pipes, different specifications, different thicknesses, different materials, different uses. PVC heat shrinkage pipe and has special function of shrinkage when heated above 98 C. It is easy to use. The products are divided into two series according to the temperature resistance: 85 C and 105 C. The specifications of 2-_double-wall heat shrinkage pipe 200 are in line with the EU RoHS environmental protection directive. It is used for electrolytic capacitors and inductors. The product has good high temperature resistance and no secondary shrinkage. It can be used for printing. It can be used for single and combined packaging of various rechargeable batteries, and can be used for design, printing and cutting on behalf of customers. It is used for covering various curtain poles, bath curtain poles, hanging poles, mop poles, broomsticks, tool poles, expansion poles, garden tools, poles and other tubular articles. It can also be used for the identification of copper bars, joints and wiring harnesses of low-voltage indoor buses, and insulation coating. High efficiency, low investment in equipment and low comprehensive cost. It is a new generation of packaging materials for lighting, LED pin wrapping, guitar, packaging bottle mouth wrapping. Whether for civilian, automotive or military use, they are preferred.

PET heat-shrinkable tubes can be degraded and used in products with environmental grade requirements. PET heat-shrinkable pipe (polyester heat-shrinkable pipe) is much better than PVC heat-shrinkable pipe in terms of heat resistance, electrical insulation and mechanical properties. More importantly, PET heat-shrinkable pipe is non-toxic, easy to recycle, has no toxic effect on human body and environment, and meets the requirements of environmental protection.

The environmental protection performance of PET heat shrinkable pipe is higher than that of EU RoHs directive standard, and can meet the environmental protection standard of SonySS-00259. It does not contain Cd, Pb, Hg, CrVI, PBBs, PBBEs/PBDEs, PCB, PCT, PCN and other prohibited substances for environmental management. It is the outsourcing of electrolytic capacitors, inductors and other electronic components, high-grade rechargeable batteries, toys and medical devices. Overall, it can fully meet the export requirements. PET heat shrinkable sleeve battery packaging style battery packaging,

The outer layer of the double-wall heat shrinkable casing containing glue is made of high quality polyolefin alloy and the inner layer is made of hot melt glue. The product is formed by irradiation cross-linking and continuous expansion of the electron accelerator. The outer layer has the advantages of softness, low temperature shrinkage, insulation, anti-corrosion and wear resistance. The inner layer has the advantages of low melting point, good adhesion, waterproof sealing and mechanical strain cushioning. Widely used in electronic equipment wiring waterproof, leak-proof, multi-strand wiring harness sealing waterproof (such as household appliances wiring harness, automobile wiring harness, etc.), wire and cable branch sealing waterproof, metal pipeline anti-corrosion protection, wire and cable repair, water pump and submersible pump wiring waterproof occasions.

PE heat-shrinkable pipes are classified into several types according to voltage level. They are used in motor lead-out wires, inductances, and high voltage ones are used in conductor insulation, bus wrapping and so on.