Application Of Distributed Optical Fiber Temperature Measurement System In Power System

- Aug 13, 2019-

What is a distributed optical fiber temperature measurement system? Distributed optical fiber temperature measurement system is able to achieve multi-point, on-line distributed measurement, real-time and on-line monitoring of operating equipment, and effectively solve the long-standing problems of high temperature, combustion, explosion, fire and other accidents. KEHONG Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of insulating materials. It can be viewed on the classified product pages.

The application of distributed optical fiber temperature measurement system in power system is divided into three parts:

1. Temperature monitoring of power cables in power systems can greatly reduce the cost of transmission and distribution. The load changes of cables can be determined according to the temperature of cables, so that the load can be reasonably allocated, the capacity of existing cables can be increased, and the working time of cables can be prolonged. The damage caused by external forces during the operation of cables can be detected as soon as possible.

2. Temperature monitoring of substation can realize temperature monitoring of main equipment, real-time monitoring of heat-prone parts in switchgear cabinet, and early detection and taking measures before accidents develop.

3. Temperature Monitoring of High Voltage Distribution Device: It improves the accuracy of measurement and can quickly find high temperature fault points in the temperature curve.

Summary: The system has been widely used in power systems at home and abroad and has been recognized. Further improvement of the stability and reliability of the system will make its application prospects in power systems broader.