Application Of Fluoroplastics

- Oct 21, 2020-

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is one of the most widely used fluoroplastics, accounting for about 60% of its total demand. The application of other fluoroplastics in semiconductor, medical, wire coating and other fields is also expanding.

The use of fluoroplastics can be summarized as follows:

1. The application of Pu plastics in drug resistance is not limited to the manufacture of sealing rings, gaskets and pipe fittings, but also used in other corrosion-resistant parts (such as pipes). With the progress of raw materials and processing technology, the selection range of fluoroplastics molding methods has been expanded: for example, injection molding can greatly improve the production efficiency, cutting process can be used in small batch production, the development of PTFE bonding and welding technology makes it possible to manufacture large storage tank and equipment lining, FEP powder spraying process makes processing more flexible and convenient. Fluoroplastics have been widely used in semiconductor production to prevent corrosion and pollution.

2. The friction coefficient of polytetrafluoroethylene in mechanical industry is small, and its static friction coefficient is lower than that of dynamic friction coefficient. It can be used in low speed and high load field, such as in civil engineering, chemical engineering, bridge and other structural parts, which can solve the expansion and contraction problems caused by thermal expansion and vibration. Specific applications include:

(1) Anti pollution machinery (such as textile, paper, pharmaceutical, food machinery) bearing sleeve;

(2) Machinery for conveying alkali, solvent and other non lubricating liquids (such as blenders, dyeing machines, pumps);

(3) Shaft sleeve working in acid, alkali and other corrosive environment (such as electroplating bath chemical equipment);

(4) No oil lubrication (such as oxygen making equipment);

(5) Unit oil lubrication (such as ultra-low temperature refrigerator, liquid fuel pump);

(6) Sliding parts working in the environment with poor oil lubrication effect (adding high temperature dryer, furnace platform afternoon, furnace conveyor belt);

(7) Sliding parts under low speed and high load condition (movable support).

3. Fluoroplastics are flame-retardant materials in electrical field. They have high critical oxygen index and corrosion, and can be used as insulation layer of wires.

Etfelpvdf has high insulation resistance and strength and excellent mechanical strength. QT is used for cables of computers and communication machines. It can be used in oil well and small nuclear reactor cable by its weather resistance and radiation resistance. Because of its low relative permittivity and dielectric loss at high frequency, it can be used in communication equipment and high frequency electric instrument. PTFE can be used as antistatic material and heating element material by mixing PTFE with carbon black and carbon fiber. PVDF can also be made into piezoelectric components for radio industry and instrument industry.

4. non sticky use of fluorine plastic non sticky can make kitchen equipment (such as non stick pan, dim sum mold), superior building external wall coating, foam molding mold, duplicator roller and so on. In addition, it has been widely used in artificial blood vessel, heart valve and other medical soil engineering materials, gas separation membrane, waterproof and breathable composite fabric.