Application Of Heat-shrinkable Cable Cap In Electric Power Industry

- Nov 27, 2018-

In the past two years, the state has focused on power engineering, and some accessories used in power construction have become particularly important. The thermal shrinkable cable cap is an insulating accessory on cables in the power industry. The insulating accessory can also be called cable accessory. The two most widely used accessory are thermal shrinkable cable accessory and cold shrinkable cable accessory. According to the majority of the market share of cable accessories, today's edition will introduce the thermal shrinkable cable cap in the thermal shrinkable cable accessories.

The thermal shrinkable cable cap is composed of cross-linked polyolefin material and hot melt adhesive. It has excellent waterproof property by using spiral gluing process. It is widely used in the end protection of power cable and communication cable during storage and transportation. It can also be used in the end treatment of street lamp joint. It mainly has the effect of sealing, waterproof and moisture-proof.

The heat shrinkable cable cap is wrapped on the cable which needs to be protected and heated to shrink, which can effectively prevent moisture from entering.

Thermal shrinkable cable cap is relatively simple to make. Polyethylene is used for injection moulding, so the shape is usually fixed. If there is a special requirement, it needs to be molded.

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