Application Of Heat Shrinkable Sleeve On Subway

- Oct 23, 2018-

After the opening of the subway network in China, the key work of the Metro facilities system has been transferred to the rectification of the remaining problems in the new line. According to statistics, up to now, the Metro has carried out 200 key rectification projects in the new line.

According to the subway construction department, they have carried out several rounds of multi-level new line defect rectification and inspection, safety accident hidden trouble investigation, safety inspection of rail area and major festivals before the subway facilities system, eliminating the hidden dangers of driving safety. There were 5 consecutive lightning failures before rectification. Through the investigation and analysis of the short-circuit point of the lightning arrester cable, it was found that there were defects in the construction process. The subway construction department subsequently adopted the insulation heat shrinkable tube to reinforce, increase the insulation strength, change the installation mode of the cable, increase the insulation distance and other measures to improve the reliability of the equipment.