Application Of Heat Shrinkable Tube In Garment Industry

- Dec 06, 2018-

Heat shrinkable sleeve has been used in many industries, such as electronics, chemical industry, communication industry, medical industry, transportation and so on. The most widely used heat shrinkable sleeve is electronics industry. In fact, clothing industry will also use our heat shrinkable sleeve. Perhaps you may wonder how heat shrinkable sleeves are used in clothes. Think about it. Heat shrinkable sleeve is usually used to protect cable and rope. What ropes are thrown out on clothes that need to be protected?

Clothing zippers can be perfectly matched with anti-skid heat shrink pipes, followed by the usual backpack straps, backpack zippers and so on.

Zipper rope is a easily damaged part in backpack and clothes. It is difficult to replace it. It can play the functions of beautiful decoration, wear resistance, folding resistance, protection and reducing the wear and tear of zipper rope by putting heat shrinkable sleeve on it.

The thermal shrinkable sleeve is made of radiation crosslinked polyolefin material. It has excellent physical, chemical and electrical properties. Its main functions are electrical insulation of connectors, rust and corrosion prevention of solder joints, mechanical protection and wire harness protection. The implementation standards are UL 224, CAN/CSA C22.2 NO198.1-99. Through RoHS environmental protection standards, the thermal shrinkable sleeve can be safely used.

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 热缩套管由辐射交联聚烯烃材料制成,理化电气性能优异,主要功能是连接件的电绝缘、焊点防锈防腐、机械防护和线束防护等,  执行标准:UL 224,CAN/CSA C22.2 NO198.1-99,通过RoHS环保标准,所以可以放心使用热缩套管。