Application Of PTFE In Microwave Oven Roller

- Aug 14, 2020-

PTFE is used for corrosion protection, sealing, load-bearing, insulation and anti sticking. Today, it introduces the sixth type and other uses. PTFE is used for various rods, tubes, plates, films, belts, ropes, packing, gaskets, and graphite, molybdenum disulfide, aluminum oxide, glass fiber and carbon fiber as fillers, To improve the mechanical properties of pure polytetrafluoroethylene. Can be roughly divided into the following categories: anti-corrosion class; sealing class; load-bearing class; insulation class; anti adhesion class; temperature resistance class; other medical class

6、 Temperature resistance:

1. Drive drive device of microwave oven, such as coupling device and roller of microwave oven;

2. Temperature resistant accessories for various refrigerators, air conditioners, oxygen generators and compressors;

7、 Other categories:

1. Substitute artery, vein and heart membrane in human body;

2. Endoscope, forceps catheter, trachea;

3. Other medical equipment such as tubes, bottles and filter cloth.

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