Application Prospect Of Flame Retardant Silicone Tube

- Jan 14, 2019-

Since the development of the 70 's, high-efficiency flame retardants containing high-tech technology and flame-retardant silicone tubes have been widely used and popularized, and have a very important practical significance in reducing the frequency of fires to protect people's lives and property safety. Even most developed countries have incorporated flame retardants into commercial civil production into the country's linear laws and regulations, the Law stipulates that most of the industrial and civilian consumer goods production process must be the treatment of flame retardant technology, must achieve a certain degree of flame retardant effect in order to allow access to market circulation, At the same time, with the continuous innovation and development of modern flame retardant technology and the high standard limits of current laws and regulations on flame retardant materials, the frequency of flame retardant silicone tubes in circulation in the modern market is becoming faster and quicker.

According to the relevant data, scientific statistics show that the global total consumption of flame retardant products reached 2.6 million tons in just 2011 years, by 2018 this figure rose to 4.8 million tons, in just seven years the growth rate of flame retardant consumption was nearly 77%; on the other hand, from the global total sales of flame retardant products , the total sales of global flame retardants in 2011 amounted to $6 billion, and by 2018 that number had risen to $16 billion, and total consumption in 7 years had grown by 160%.

According to the analysis and forecast of the supply and demand relationship of domestic flame retardant related enterprises and the financial investment market of flame retardants, the data show that there is a proportional relationship between the total demand of FR in the modern market and the use of plastic products and the high efficiency flame retardant materials contained therein. From 2011 to 2018, the average annual consumption of plastic products worldwide grew by about 12%, and in terms of current growth trends, even if the proportion of flame retardants in plastics remained the same, the world's consumption of flame retardants would increase at a rate of 12% per cent. In the total sales of flame retardants on the one hand, the market demand continues to rise, so the price of flame retardants and other related products will be correspondingly higher, on the other hand, with the non-halogenated hard requirements of modern plastic products and market standardization adjustment, it is not difficult to foresee the future of flame retardant silicone tubes and other related products consumption and market demand will continue has a broad space for development.

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