At Present, The Main Coating And Anti-corrosion Materials - Heat Shrinkable Sleeve And Heat Shrinkable Tape

- Jun 09, 2020-

At present, the main coating and anti-corrosion materials - heat shrinkable sleeve and heat shrinkable tape

For the construction of long-distance pipeline, it is necessary to use joint coating and anti-corrosion materials, because the welding joint of general long-distance pipeline is the most vulnerable to corrosion. At present, the main joint coating and anti-corrosion materials are heat shrinkable sleeve and heat shrinkable belt.

The reason why 3PE heat shrinkable tape and 3PE heat shrinkable sleeve are widely used is that they have good advantages: strong adhesion, good waterproof and sealing performance, no pollution to the environment, excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance and good UV and light aging resistance. After radiation crosslinking, the heat shrinkable tape and heat shrinkable sleeve have memory. The heat shrinkable tape and heat shrinkable sleeve, which are processed from this kind of base material, have greatly improved tensile strength, tensile resistance, strong stability and high adaptability to various environments.

At present, most of the heat shrinkable properties of polyethylene at home and abroad are realized by the memory effect of cross-linked polyethylene polymers. The crosslinking mode of polyethylene is mainly high energy radiation crosslinking. The high-energy particle ray produced by electron accelerator radiates polyethylene, which causes the chain damage of polyethylene to produce the cremation center and form the C-C type cross-linking. The heat shrinkable tape and the heat shrinkable sleeve are crosslinked by radiation for polyethylene, so that the polyethylene molecules change from the linear structure to the network structure and are made into sleeve or strip products with heat shrinkable performance. The inner surface of this product is coated with a kind of hot melt adhesive. When the heat shrinkable sleeve and the heat shrinkable belt are heated and shrinkable, the adhesive melts, and plays the role of bonding and sealing after cooling and setting. This kind of heat shrinkable sleeve and tape has excellent sealing performance as the joint material of pipeline welding.