Attention Problems Of Preservation And Carrying Of Female Exhaust Heat Shrinkage Tubing

- Jan 29, 2019-

The master is the power supply. Installation of the main supply cable road (copper row, aluminum row are called Master row), each branch line (row) by the master row. That is, in the power supply fragment, the general system in the electric cabinet and the door in each of the door joints copper row or aluminum row, the name of which is to do the wire. However, there will be insurance problems in the bare Mother row, as well as the insulation spacing of the ambassador can not meet the design requirements and other reasons, a type of mother pipe appears. The utilization scale of this type of heat shrinkable tube is: 1. Eliminate short-circuit faults caused by small plants such as mice and snakes; 2. Prevent the erosion of the mother row by the chemical substances such as acids, alkalis and salts; 3, prevent the maintenance personnel from straying into the live gap caused in case of vilification;

With regard to this kind of female heat shrinkable casing, its caliber is independent of the busbar to be used, from 25-400mm, voltage is divided into 1kv,10kv,35kv two categories, color is important is red, yellow and green three-phase color. Swelling ratio normal between 2:1 and 3:1, continuous use temperature: -55℃~105℃, Minimum initial expansion heat: 80 ℃, minimum total expansion heat: 120 ℃, expansion progress is fast. Busbar Heat shrinkable Pipe also has related flame retardancy, aging resistance, insulation, water absorption and other related requirements, the Department's requirements can be found in the wind department of an industry standard, "dlt1059-2007 wind facility bus with heat shrinkage pipe."

In the purchase of the mother row heat shrinkage casing, the first thought of the voltage, is 1kv,10kv, or 35KV: The second is the caliber, and electronic production of heat shrinkable pipe type double-walled heat shrinkable tube like, the caliber should be moderate, natural expansion after the wall thickness is thicker, insulation performance to be better, 1mm thick breakdown strength is about 25KV, Normal original manufacturers to provide specifications suitable for a large number of mother discharge products.

Thermal shrinkage tube production in the preservation and delivery of the inside to prevent direct sunlight or conditional heat than 60 ℃, when the conditions of heat is better than 60 ℃, heat shrinkage products can produce local shrinkage.

Skill parameters for using thermal shrinkage data

(1) Flame retardant properties of thermal shrinkage data

In the wind fragment, the insulation data used in the indoor options are to ensure flame retardant. The thermal shrinkage data used for the insulation protection of substation is based on rubber and plastic blended polymers, adding flame retardants with excellent performance, and the oxygen index measured by experiments is 32, and there is a good self-extinguishing of fire. Can meet the wind fragmentation of the flame retardant to ensure.

(2) Aging resistance of heat shrinkage data of high temperature heat shrinkable tube

Wind-fragmented water supply facilities need to have a long-term operational robustness, so the radiation cross-linked heat shrinkage data with its superior performance beyond other data for the overseas wind fragmentation of the broad use. We know that from the principle of heat shrinkage, the nature of thermal expansion and macroscopic properties, from the external network of cross-linked structure, it is precisely because of this cause, thermal shrinkage data anti-aging performance is better than other insulation data.

(3) The temperature resistance thermal shrinkage data of the special thermal shrinkage data of substation because of its extraordinary macroscopic properties, after 158±2℃, 168h thermal Aging test, the performance has no major changes (for the substation dedicated series of thermal shrinkage data). Normally, the ultimate operating heat of the substation's parent row is 70 ℃. Therefore, the special thermal shrinkage data of substation can meet the characteristics of temperature resistance of substation operation.