Can You Choose The Electronic Heat Shrinkable Tube Correctly?

- Nov 07, 2018-

 What should I pay attention to in the process of purchasing heat shrinkable pipe for electronic products?

For low-voltage electronic products with heat shrinkable tubes, the market is more, the tube is usually very small caliber, with a few millimeters of the majority (1-50mm), pressure resistance below 1KV, widely used in electronic products. Because the electronic products on the heat shrinkable pipe requirements are high, so the purchase of products in addition to the caliber and pressure resistance of the technical parameters, first of all, these heat shrinkable tubes must also be environmentally friendly, flame-retardant, or halogen-free flame retardant heat shrinkable tube, the material is generally PE (polyethylene), export also through the relevant UL certification; Color should also be consistent, to have a certain wear resistance, there is a pipe wall can not be too large, industry norms are ≤30%, wall thickness to as uniform as possible, longitudinal shrinkage requirements are also high, industry norms are ≤5%, otherwise the length of the pipe sleeve in electronic products is very ugly, because electronic products on the appearance of high requirements. For conventional production of heat shrinkable casing temperature resistance is generally divided into 105 ℃ and 125 ℃ two, but now generally 125 degrees Celsius this, high-temperature heat shrinkable tube has 135 ℃, 175 ℃, 200 ℃ and so on. Friends in the procurement of electronic products heat shrinkable pipe, should be based on their needs for the above main parameters, so that they can buy their own really want to buy hot shrinkage products.

For the caliber of this piece, friends should pay attention to, buy hot shrinkage tube to choose what caliber to be based on the following three principles. The first is the set, and the construction operation is relatively labor-saving, followed by shrinkage tight, the pipe in the heating shrinkage, can be tightly affixed to the included object, if a little loose to explain the choice of large specifications, and finally the economic principle, large diameter of the pipe, the economic cost is higher, Therefore, it is necessary to combine the two principles and other needs such as wall thickness to set a suitable minimum aperture. General heat shrinkable Tube will be marked a shrinkage before, shrinkage caliber, friends can be selected according to the manufacturer's product specifications, such as Guangzhou Kehong Φ19/6 soft flame retardant double-walled heat shrinkable tube, meaning 6 expansion 19 of the pipe, shrinkage before the inner diameter is 19mm, shrinkage is 6mm, As long as you want to shrink the caliber of the object between the two can be set and tightened, but if the object caliber close to 6mm, that shrinkage after the wall thickness will be thicker, and shrinkage more loose, such as close to 20mm, shrinkage after the wall thickness, but shrinkage is very tight, of course, if too close to 20mm that construction operation will be difficult.

If friends need is special specifications, special colors, generally need to be customized, custom not only to charge special processing fees, but also to have a certain amount of orders, special performance of the words also to find the ability to produce manufacturers. Guangzhou Kehong Electronics Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sale of heat shrinkable casing, double-walled pipe, medium and thick wall pipe, heat shrinkage marking tube, heat shrinkable cap, cable thermal shrinkage finger sleeve, fiber optic protection casing, automotive special casing Connector, a full range, technology, production strength, welcome to purchase.