Causes Of Semi Rigid Heat Shrinkable Tubes Of Military Standard

- Oct 15, 2018-

Military standard semi-rigid heat shrink tubing stands for military standard semi-rigid flame retardant heat shrinkable tube, in accordance with US military standards, higher than the ordinary civil standard of heat shrink tubing products.

Military standard semi-rigid heat-shrinkable tube excellent in abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and outstanding physical, chemical and electrical properties. Widely used in insulation protection in the field of military, aerospace and precision electronic instruments. Emergence of military standard semi-rigid heat shrinkable tube heat shrink tubing is because the average softer, whether mechanical or seal waterproof protection capability is not very good, not only to improve the hardness of the heat shrink tubing can better protect the harness adds to shrink mechanical wear and other mechanical properties of the tube, heat-shrinkable tube hardness is too high, such as ordinary plastic pipe more difficult construction stiff, strong construction will cause difficulty, some may even damage the cable, so the semi-rigid military standard grade heat shrink tube to occur; semi-rigid military standard grade shrinkable tube is mainly used in the field demanding industry.

Military standard semi-rigid heat-shrinkable pipe has the following advantages: 1. it is more wearable and resistant to common solvent corrosion; 2. the service temperature of military standard semi-rigid heat-shrinkable pipe is - 55 ~135 ~C, higher than that of ordinary heat-shrinkable pipe; 3. the axial variation rate and flame retardancy of military standard semi-rigid heat-shrinkable pipe meet the military standard.