Characteristic Mastery Of Heat Shrinkable Tube And Key Points Of Selecting Cable Accessories

- Apr 29, 2019-

Heat shrinkable tube has special function of shrinking when heat occurs. It can be divided into PE heat shrinkable tube, PVC heat shrinkable sleeve, PET heat shrinkable tube and high-pressure heat shrinkable sleeve for bus insulation. It can be used for coating and insulation of products with different occasions and requirements.

The imitation wood grain heat shrinkable pipe has the function of heat shrinkage, the appearance imitates the wood grain and the wood grain is lifelike. It can be used for wrapping plastic of iron pipe such as mop rod, curtain rod, expansion rod, bath curtain rod and hardware furniture. Compared with traditional spraying, wood grain sticker and wood grain heat transfer printing process, the product can improve production efficiency, reduce production cost and reduce equipment investment. It is a mop rod. Curtain rod, expansion rod production enterprises to replace the traditional processing methods of good products, wood-like pattern of wood-like thermal shrinkable casing can be processed according to user requirements.

UL certified PE irradiated cross-linked heat shrinkable pipes have the advantages of high temperature resistance, high mechanical strength and good chemical resistance. They are widely used in insulation materials of cables, joints, transformers and inductance coils, and can also be used as anti-corrosion coating for oil, water, gas and chemical pipelines.

Heat shrinkable tube

Flame retardant environment-friendly PE thermal shrinkage tube has excellent flame retardant, insulation properties, very soft and elastic, low shrinkage temperature, fast shrinkage, mechanical strength, temperature resistance, acid, alkali properties, aging resistance and so on greatly improved. Applicable temperature range: - 55 ~125 C; initial shrinkage temperature 70 C, complete shrinkage temperature 120 C; easy to use, can shrink with oven and hot air gun heating; conform to safety standards: UL224VW-1C-ULCSAC22.2OFTPE heat shrinkable tube is widely used for insulation identification of terminals, leads and joints.

Environmental protection PVC heat shrinkable hose is specially made of environmental protection PVC formula. Environmental protection PVC heat shrinkable hose has special function of heat shrinkage. Environmental protection PVC heat shrinkable hose is acid, alkali and corrosion resistant. It can be used for chain, chain, spring, wire harness, pipeline and pipe fittings protection. The color of environmental PVC heat shrinkable hose can be customized according to customer's requirements.

Pvc heat shrinkable bushing has the characteristics of environmental protection (in line with EU RoHs directive) and insulated double-wall heat shrinkable tube. It is widely used in electrolytic capacitors, inductors and other electronic products, as well as various kinds of battery, lighting, wiring harness and bus insulation coating. It can play a moisture-proof, insulation and beautiful effect on products. The heat shrinkable sleeve is easy to use and shrinks at 90 ~C. According to the customer's usage, the products covered with the sleeve can be heated and contracted by hairdryer, hot air gun, constant temperature oven and transmission heat shrinking machine.

PET heat-shrinkable tube is non-toxic and easy to recycle. It has no toxic effect on human body and environment, and meets the requirements of environmental protection. Pet heat shrinkable sleeve and PVC heat shrinkable sleeve are not much different in using methods, and will not increase the investment of users in equipment. They are new generation packaging materials. It is the coating of electrolytic capacitors, inductors and other electronic components, high-grade rechargeable batteries, toys and medical devices, which can fully meet the export requirements.

There are many factors affecting the quality of cable accessories. In principle, there are the following aspects:

(1) Sealing performance. The sealing moisture-proof performance directly affects the gas performance and service life of high-temperature heat-shrinkable pipe for cable accessories. Whether the sealing structure of the terminal is reliable and stable. Generally speaking, the intermediate joint should also have a matching metal moisture-proof shell, especially when buried directly or used in wet environment.

(2) Mechanical properties. The terminal should have sufficient flexural and seismic resistance. Intermediate joints should be able to withstand a certain amount of tension and measures to prevent damage from external forces. *

(3) Process performance. Technological performance is an important condition for cable accessories design and selection. Installation process should be as simple as possible, convenient for site construction and short construction period; high quality products have low dependence on site environment and technical level of installation workers; installation quality is easy to control and reliable.

(4) Suitable for the requirements of this project. Nowadays, there are many kinds of UHV XLPE cable accessories in domestic and foreign markets, and their structures are different. Many types of cable accessories have their own characteristics and have coexisted and developed with each other in the past ten years. The selection of cable accessories should be based on the actual use requirements. It is not necessary to blindly pursue the new trend, but the application is the best.


PET heat shrinkable tube