Characteristics Of Silicone Rubber Tube For Peristaltic Pump

- Oct 26, 2019-

Characteristics of silicone rubber pipe of peristaltic pump: the delivery medium does not contact with the pump body, which is conducive to the delivery of some highly corrosive media to metals, such as various acids, alkali solutions or salt solutions containing chloride ions. The silicone rubber pipe of peristaltic pump is mainly used in the laboratory, which is suitable for the series of multi pump heads, especially for the series of DG pump heads, to realize multi-channel and small flow liquid transmission. BT 10-1l driver can output large torque and provide a flow range of 0. 02 ≤ 50 (ml / min). Large screen dot matrix LCD is used for menu and parameter setting menu. On the same screen, the flow and speed are displayed simply and intuitively, and the human-machine interface is friendly. It has the function of flow correction, which can be corrected in case of flow deviation to meet the user's requirements for flow accuracy. The multichannel peristaltic pump has many control modes, which can be controlled by standard external control interface and RS 485 communication interface.

The working principle of peristaltic pump is very simple. The structure of peristaltic pump consists of three parts: peristaltic pump driver, peristaltic pump head and peristaltic pump hose.

Peristaltic pump is a new type of industrial pump, which is the product of modern industrial development. It is widely used in medicine, food, chemical industry and other industries. The medium it transports has high sensitivity, high viscosity, strong corrosiveness, strong abrasiveness, high purity requirements and some granular materials.

Chemical stability:

1. Weak acid and alkali resistance, such as: weak corrosion * * product, low concentration potassium permanganate, acetaldehyde reagent, animal oil, vegetable oil, Vaseline, glucose, alcohol, hand sanitizer, juice, blood, weak acid, alkaline gas, etc.

2. It is not suitable for strong acid, strong base and organic solvent such as high concentration sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide, nitric acid, lubricating oil, silicon oil, mineral oil, gasoline, diesel oil, hydraulic oil, high concentration acetone, carbon tetrachloride, high concentration ozone, etc.

3. It can work in the working environment of - 50 ≤ 200 ℃, and can use ethylene oxide.

Wear resistance: the speed and flow of the peristaltic pump can be adjusted. The limit test life of the silicon tube of the peristaltic pump is 300 rpm / min, the transport medium is water, and the continuous service life is 500 hours. The platinum silicon tube made of other imported materials is 5 times longer than that of other imported materials.

A good pump needs a good silicon tube, and the wear resistance is a big problem in China. What are the characteristics of the silicon rubber tube of peristaltic pump?

Features of peristaltic pump silicone rubber pipe: it adopts high-purity imported silicone rubber raw material platinum vulcanization vertical extrusion molding, smooth inner cavity, long-time extrusion inner wall is not sticky, dimensional tolerance accuracy, wall thickness is uniform and non eccentric, wear resistance is high, rebound rate is high, it can meet the inspection standards of food hygiene, medicine iodine, medical treatment, etc.