China Nuclear Power Plant Cable Shrink Casing Up To International Advanced Level

- Oct 25, 2018-

It is understood recently, the first domestic use of a beam-burning test method to evaluate the flame retardant performance of 1E class K2/K3 cable heat shrinkable casing assembly in Shenzhen through the nuclear group Technology and Information Ministry of the Department of product identification. It is reported that the development of the Heat shrinkable products in the domestic first use of the real sense, with international advanced level of "0 halogen" material processing technology.

Panelists agreed: "The product performance indicators are in the international advanced level, with independent intellectual property rights and a number of patent attributes, has a good application prospects." The product in the domestic first completed all Tangen-beam combustion test, electrical performance and mechanical properties type test, thermal aging, irradiation aging test, such as special type Test, its halogen-free, low smoke, low toxicity, flame retardant and other characteristics of the index, have reached and exceeded the international highest level of similar products. ”

It is understood that the heat shrink casing is a nuclear power plant cable and equipment permanently connected and re-insulated cable accessories, its performance can meet the sealing, insulation, waterproof, moisture, anti-mechanical collision and heat resistance, such as a series of nuclear power site requirements. Before the nuclear power plants with 1E cable heat shrinkable casing by the United States Tyco (TYCO) Company supply, therefore, procurement costs and delivery cycle are subject to the U.S. side of the technical and trade barriers.

At the beginning of the research and development, China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd. will be positioned to meet the three generations, the second generation of nuclear power technology indicators, including AP1000 and ACP1000 and other reactors, the innovative point is that the use of halogen-free materials to achieve low smoke, flame retardant, radiation resistance and high electrical specifications and other properties. Accordingly, the research and development team first formed the technical decision-making team, on the core foundation of research and development experts, joint Nuclear Safety Audit Center, Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research Institute and Zhongyuan Foreign Engineering company, through the appraisal syllabus and other series of accreditation meeting, to ensure that the above research and development objectives.

The successful development of 1E (K2\K3) cable heat shrinkable casing of nuclear power plant and through the identification, lays a foundation for the realization of the final development target--K1-grade cable heat shrinkable casing, and will finally break through the bottleneck restricting the development of nuclear power in China.