Classification Of Electrical Insulating Material Products

- Jan 07, 2019-

Heat shrinkable tubes are often used in the electrical industry. It is necessary for us to understand the classification of electrical insulating materials.

1. Overview of the Principles of Classification and Naming of Electrical Insulating Material Products

Electrical insulating material products are classified into four levels: big category, small category, variety and specification, and the naming principle is determined according to the product category.

2. Insulation Material Category

That is to say, electrical insulating materials products are classified according to their application or technological characteristics and are represented by numbers as follows: 1-lacquer, resin and glue; 2-dipped fibre products; 3-laminated products; 4-plastic products; S-mica products; 6-film, cat belt and composite products; 7-fibre products; 8-insulating liquids.

3. Insulating Material Category

The products of electrical insulating materials in large categories are classified according to their scope of use and form, and are represented by figures as follows:

(1) Paints, resins and adhesives: 0 solvent impregnating paint, 1 solvent-free impregnating paint, 2-covering paint, 3-enamel paint, 4-gel cat paint, resin, 5-deposited powder, 6-1 silicon steel sheet paint, 7-enameled wire paint, 8-gel paint.

(2) Impregnated fibre products: 0-cotton fibre lacquer cloth; 2-lacquer silk; 3-synthetic fibre lacquer cloth; 4-glass fibre lacquer cloth; 5-blended fibre lacquer cloth; 6-corona-proof lacquer cloth; 7-lacquer pipes; 8-bandage; 9-type materials.

(3) Laminated products: o-organic substrate laminates; 2-inorganic substrate laminates; 3-anti-corona and magnetic conductivity laminates; 4-steel foil laminates; 5-organic substrate laminated tubes; 6-inorganic substrate laminated tubes; 7-organic substrate laminated rods; 8-inorganic substrate laminated rods; 9-pull-out products.

(4) Plastics: o-wood flour filling plastics; 1. other organic filling plastics; 2. asbestos filling plastics; 3. glass fiber filling plastics; 4. mica filling plastics; 5. other mineral filling plastics; 6. no filling plastics

(5) Mica products: 0-one mica paper; 1-soft mica board; 2-plastic mica board; 4-one mica belt; 5-commutator mica board; 6-one electric heating equipment mica board; 7-cushion mica plate; 8-mica tip; 9-mica tube.

(6) Film, cat belt and composite products: 0-film type; 2-Film drill belt type; 3-rubber and fabric type; 4-resin impregnated soft composite material type; 5-film insulating paper and film glass lacquer cloth composite foil type; 6-film synthetic fiber paper composite foil type; 7 kinds of material U-composite foil type.

The major and minor categories of electrical insulating materials are 10 numbers from 0-9, among which the number of vacancies will be used for the future increase of product types and the emergence of new materials.

4. Varieties and specifications of insulating materials

(1) Variety is the unit of electrical insulating materials. All products with the same composition and writing process belong to the same variety.

(2) Specifications of electrical insulating material products can be divided into different specifications according to different requirements of size (thickness, diameter, length, width, etc.).

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