Classification Of Medium Wall Heat Shrinkable Pipe And Inspection Of Anti-corrosion Installation

- Jan 22, 2019-

The middle wall heat shrinkable tube has two kinds of medium wall tube with glue (middle wall double wall tube) and non-adhesive middle wall tube, which can be divided into semi-hard middle wall heat shrinkable tube and conventional middle wall tube. Adhesive medium Wall tube using high-quality polyolefin materials and environmental protection hot melt adhesive layer composite, without glue in the use of high-quality polyolefin materials carefully processed, widely used in low-voltage power insulation protection and mechanical strain cushioning and anti-corrosion damage protection, products with insulation, sealing waterproof (with glue wall), soft, outer self-extinguishing, environmental protection and so on.

Medium wall Heat shrinkable Tube function configuration:

1, functional use: wear-resistant, anti-leakage, multi-strand wire harness sealing waterproof, anti-corrosion protection, anti-ultraviolet.

2, medium-wall tube application areas: electronic equipment, home appliance wiring harness, automotive wiring harness, wire and cable, metal pipelines, pumps and submersible pumps wiring waterproofing and other industries heat shrinkable pipe.

Main applications of medium wall heat shrinkable tubes:

Low-voltage power wires, cable connectors and terminals of sealing insulation protection, wire, cable and a variety of mechanical products anti-extrusion and anti-corrosion damage, marine cable sealing protection, pipeline anticorrosion and sealing tape in the middle wall pipe environmental protection Hot Melt adhesive, product insulation sealing reliable, Suitable for environments with RoHS Directive requirements other protective sites that need to be sealed

Prominent features of medium wall heat shrinkable tubes:

Compared with ordinary heat shrinkable pipe, the outstanding characteristics of the middle wall heat shrinkable pipe are the most obvious mechanical properties, because the wall thickness is thickened on the basis of the conventional heat shrinkable pipe, its wear resistance, protection ability is more superior, so the middle wall heat shrinkable pipe is more suitable for outdoor cable protection.

Corrosion caused by various internal and external environments often results in a variety of accidents and major disasters. Due to the corrosion of steel pipes and double-walled heat shrinkable tubes, the quality of production enterprises shutting down and shutting down products has decreased. It affects the life supply, the gas supply, the heating steam or the hot water, which brings many difficulties to the people's life. Buried oil and gas, water and other pipelines, pipe network leakage, enterprise oil refining, chemical industry, chemical fiber, fertilizer, pharmaceutical and other pipelines, equipment running, risking, dripping. In addition to the loss of a large number of useful substances, but also caused serious environmental pollution, and even caused fire, explosion, collapse and other catastrophic accidents.

Thus, the importance of anticorrosion measures for the production of major industries and the safety of environmental equipment, anti-corrosion measures of the standard is also high and high, in order to maximize the safety of the industry work and social safety,

Here is a brief introduction to the use of heat shrinkable pipe anticorrosion test steps:

Anticorrosion Heat shrinkable Casing Quality inspection: filling appearance inspection, anti-high temperature heat shrinkable pipe rot heat shrinkage pipe surface should be smooth and smooth, no wrinkles, no bubbles, at both ends of the foot and heat shrinkable sleeve bonding tight, no voids, no carbonization on the surface.

Thermal shrinkage casing circumference should be hot melt adhesive overflow. The spark leak detector is used to carry out pinhole inspection one by one at the filling port, and the leak detection voltage is 15KV. If a pinhole appears, it should be re-filled.

The bonding stress of anticorrosive heat shrinkable casing meets the requirements, and the peeling strength is not less than 50n/cm when the pipe body temperature is about 25 ℃. (with) anticorrosive coating (primer) Quality Inspection anticorrosive coating (primer) quality is mainly leakage check measurement, in the coating completely cured and cooled to ambient temperature. Each refill is tested, and a spark detection instrument is used to detect the voltage: the normal grade 2KV, the reinforcement level 2.5KV, and the test head moves at a speed of about 0.2m/s when touching the coating.

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