Cold Shrink Tube Features Introduced

- Dec 20, 2017-

1, easy to install, only manual operation, no need to heat or use special tools, joints do not need hot melt adhesive or adhesive tape to strengthen the seal;

2, suitable for a wide range of different specifications of the cable connection seal, it can be used for indoor, outdoor, overhead, put into water or buried occasions, such as power, communications and other cables.

3, resilience is strong and tough, radial retraction force is large, and permanent deformation is small. Even if used for a long time, the cable still has a constant radial pressure, which is tightly sealed, and has excellent moisture proof, waterproof and dust-proof properties.

4, because EPDM has excellent resilience and "elastic memory", it can breathe with the seal, so it can play an excellent sealing effect. It can still maintain a very good sealing effect in the dynamic state of wind blowing and swaying.

5, salt resistant fog corrosion, acid alkali resistance, ozone aging resistance, weather ageing resistance and excellent ultraviolet aging resistance.

6, high mechanical strength, good flexibility, with puncture and abrasion resistance, flex resistance, physical and mechanical properties of the excellent resistance to fatigue.