Cold Shrink Tubing Hot Sale In India Market

- Oct 08, 2018-

Cold shrinkable tubes are commonly used in communications and mining industries. No heating is required compared with the more convenient heat shrinkable tube. We specialize in the field of insulating tubes of various materials for over 10 years. So far, we are developing business relations with 30 countries in the world. In recent years, with the rapid development of  communication network in India, we have received larger orders from our customers. The following goods are ready for good luck to India.

Cold shrink tube03.jpg

A few months ago, we made significant breakthroughs in cold shrinkage technology. As before, we used traditional hot gas welding for removable plastic support cores, but some customers complained that pulling out the cores was a bit difficult. Then, we began to study more advanced ultrasonic welding technology, and now we have completely turned to the new innovative technology in the production process of cold-shrinkable tubes, new cold-shrinkable products have also helped us win more praise.  We will optimize our products to meet the future needs of more customers.