Cold Shrinkage Pipe Production Process

- Jan 18, 2019-

Formula: including raw rubber, reinforcing agent, vulcanizing agent and other additives;

Plastic refining: The raw rubber in the opener after the thin plastic refining packaging and parking for use;

Thin Pass: Refers to the rubber thickness is very thin floor through the opening machine of two rollers, the purpose of three:

1, in the case of pure natural rubber, is the use of thin through the mechanical shear force, the Nr part of the long molecular chain fracture into a small molecular chain, in order to reduce the NR viscosity, improve the process operation and processing performance; This process is called plastic refining;

2, in the case of mixing glue, is to improve the mixing effect of mixing glue, so that the mixing glue in the various groups such as carbon black, vulcanizing agent, anti-aging agent, such as dispersion uniform;

3, in the case of vulcanized rubber regeneration, is the use of thin pass when the mechanical shear force, the larger particles of vulcanized glue crushed into finer particles of vulcanized rubber powder, easy to regenerate and use.

Mixing: The weighing and matching of plastic glue, reinforcing agent, additives, in turn to add the mixer for mixing, mixing good after the discharge of the mixer, in the opener, the next film, after parking to be used;

Filtration: will be parked after mixing glue heat to filter, in order to remove impurities, and then under the film, cooling and parking;

Sulfur: After the filtered mixing glue is weighed, the vulcanizing agent is added to the opener, and after the vulcanization agent is dispersed evenly, the thin pass is carried out;

Thin pass: In the opener will add a good vulcanizing agent of the mixing glue thin through, out of the bar to be squeezed out;

Extrusion: According to the requirements of process technical parameters, select the appropriate die to adjust, to meet the requirements of process technical parameters;

Vulcanization: The non-vulcanized hose which meets the requirements of the technical parameters after extrusion shall be vulcanized according to the requirements of the technical parameters of the process;

Cutting: The vulcanized hose in accordance with the requirements of the product and technical parameters of the provisions of the fixed length, cutting, while checking the surface of the vulcanized pipe whether there are impurities, bubbles, section whether there are air holes, etc.

Extrusion, winding and welding of support pipe: Using plastic extruder support strip, and then winding pipe, welding, trimming and inspecting according to the requirements of process technical parameters on the winding pipe machine;

Expansion: The combination of the tube and the support tube with a fixed length after vulcanization is expanded on the expansion machine to check the length after expansion.

Finishing: After the expansion of the cold shrinkage tube trimming, inspection, surface wipe, the appearance of visual inspection;

Inspection: Check whether the expansion of the cold shrinkage tube has mechanical impurities, scratches, mechanical damage, bubbles, support tubes have no deformation, according to 100% for sampling, detection of mechanical properties, shrinkage rate;

Packaging: According to customer requirements for packaging;