Cold Shrinkage Tube For Replacing 3M Cement Tape

- Jan 21, 2019-

According to different materials, cold shrinkage tubes are divided into silicone rubber cold shrinkage tubes and EPDM cold shrinkage tubes. They are widely used in power and communication industries. They have many years of R&D and production experience, and their quality is guaranteed. At present, they serve customers including Nokia, Vodafone, Ericsson and other large international telecommunications companies.

Not long ago, customer service received consultation on cold shrinkage pipe demand, customers mainly do wireless AP bridge, currently using 3M mortar tape, but the feedback waterproof effect is not very ideal, therefore, we want to change the waterproof sleeve to solve this problem, we understand the problem that customers want to solve, recommend the use of cold shrinkage pipe instead, specifications are 25*178 ternary ethylene propylene rubber cold shrinkage pipe, our company raised. Two samples for customers to do waterproof test.

After a period of testing, customers have shown that the waterproofing effect of our cold-shrinkable pipe is higher than that of 3M cement tape. Now we have a small batch supply. If everything is normal, we will replace all 3M cement tape with cold-shrinkable pipe in the follow-up, which not only saves the cost, but also has a better effect in application.

Following is an introduction of the use principle of the cold shrinkage tube. The special silicone rubber and EPDM rubber have strong and sustained elasticity. When used, they are protected on the quilt, which can provide a lasting coating force, so the sealing effect will not change with the thermal expansion and cold shrinkage of the quilt.

Usually, silica gel cold shrinkage tube is mostly used in power, EPDM cold shrinkage tube is mostly used in communication, more knowledge about cold shrinkage tube, welcome to consult Kehong online business personnel, Kehong Electronics dedicated to serving you.



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