Combination Of Fluororubber PVDF And MVQ

- Nov 12, 2020-

Combination of fluororubber and MVQ Silicone rubber is a kind of polymer elastomer with both inorganic and organic properties. Due to the relationship of its molecular structure, such as the Si-O bond energy (451kj / mol) of the molecular backbone is much higher than that of the general rubber (355kj / mol), silicone rubber has excellent heat resistance, elasticity, cold resistance, excellent demoulding, electrical, air permeability and thermal conductivity Good temperature stability and water resistance. When silicone rubber and fluororubber are used together, a kind of rubber compound with both properties can be obtained. Peroxide is used as vulcanizing agent in silicone rubber, and a lot of fluorine rubber with peroxide as vulcanizing agent has been developed, so peroxide can be used as co vulcanizing agent. When the volume ratio of fluororubber / silicone rubber is 80 / 20, the brittleness temperature is about 10 ℃ lower than that of FPM. When the volume ratio is 50 / 50, T50 can be reduced to - 29.5 ℃, the low temperature performance is improved obviously and the cost is reduced. Basic formula (mass fraction): fluororubber 50; silicone rubber 50; DCP 2.0; TAC 2.5; Ca (OH) 2.5. It is reported that jsrje-nixf series fluororubber / silicone rubber blends developed by Japan synthetic rubber company have excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, oil resistance, water resistance and steam resistance, and the price is relatively low. Shinyue Chemical Co., Ltd. of Japan has also developed x36100u series fluororubber / silicone rubber blends with excellent dynamic fatigue properties and fe301u series fluororubber / silicone rubber blends with tensile strength greater than 13Mpa and tear strength of 30-60kn / m. However, there are few reports about the influence of the properties of silicone rubber and fluororubber on the compatibility, CO vulcanization and mechanical properties of the blends. Fluororubber / silicone rubber blends are mainly used in the manufacture of automobile fuel supply diaphragm