Comparison Of Double-walled Heat Shrinkable Tube And Fluorine Rubber Heat Shrink Tube

- Dec 17, 2018-

Double-walled adhesive heat shrinkable tube is basically improved in the heat shrinkable tube, the heat shrinkable tube in the actual use of the main role of insulation protection, heat shrinkable tube after compression will be firmly wrapped on the object used, but the fact that the changes in the environment, temperature changes and so on can not be prevented, Therefore, it is difficult to ensure that the heat shrinkable pipe and the maintenance of the object between the complete and not a little gap, usually used for insulation, these will not have any effect on the protective function of the product, but once the cover object can not touch the water, can not touch a little air when the heat shrinkable tube is not practical, At this time, it is necessary to have a possible complete supplement to the side gap of the product presentation, so the development of a double-walled adhesive heat shrinkable pipe products.

Eva Hot Melt Adhesive is a non-solvent, no moisture, 100% solid melt of the polymer, at room temperature for the solid, heating melt to a certain degree of heat shrinkable tube into a liquid adhesive that can flow and has some viscosity, it melts into a light brown translucent body or white.

Hot Melt Adhesive Important components, that is, the base resin is ethylene and vinyl acetate in high pressure copolymerization, and then with adhesives, viscosity regulators, antioxidants and other made of hot melt adhesive. Eva Hot Melt Adhesive has the following features:

1, at room temperature is usually solid, heating to a certain extent when molten into a liquid, once cooled to below the melting point, and agile into a solid, (that is, solidified);

2, the application, only the hot melt adhesive heating melted into the required liquid, and applied to the sticky object, after compression in how many seconds can be achieved bonding curing, within a few minutes can reach the level of hardening cooling and drying;

3, glue applied to the adhesive on the cooling and curing of the adhesive layer, but also to heat the melt, from the new into the adhesive body and the adhesive bonding double-walled heat shrinkable tube, there is a certain degree of re-stickiness;

4, with fast curing, low pollution, strong adhesion, adhesive layer has a certain flexibility, hardness, but also a certain degree of toughness.

Fluorine Rubber heat shrinkable pipe

125℃ chip identification Heat shrinkable tube is based on thermoplastic polyolefin, the addition of non-toxic substances flame retardants and additives synthesized into composite polymer materials, extruded into tubular, through gamma-ray irradiation or high-energy electron beam bombardment, linear molecular part of the chain produced cross-linking, become a "shape memory" of "thermosetting" materials, Heat and expand the diameter to several times before cooling the shaping. If reheated to 80℃~120℃, the diameter of the heat-shrinkable casing is reduced to the pre-expansion size. Thermal shrinkage identification tube is on the basis of polyolefin heat shrinkable tube, after special treatment, so that its surface can adapt to needle type, heat transfer and laser engraving three kinds of printer random typing, its core high temperature heat shrinkable tube value lies in the permanent identification. "Color code firmness" is one of the basic indexes to measure whether the thermal shrinkage identification tube is superior to other marking methods, mainly characterized by the physicochemical and electrical properties of the heat shrinkable tube, the adhesion of the color code on the substrate (wear resistance, abrasion resistance or scratch resistance), solvent resistance, color code and the aging resistance of the substrate. Continuous operating temperature: -55℃~125℃, Minimum shrinkage temperature: 80 ℃, lowest total shrinkage temperature: 110℃.

Characteristics of fluorine rubber thermal shrinkage pipe

• Shrinkage ratio 1.7:1 or 4:1

• High flame retardant, good toughness, excellent physical properties and chemical corrosion resistance

Fluorine rubber thermal shrinkage tube temperature range

• Continuous use temperature: -55℃~280℃

• Minimum starting shrinkage temperature: 260 ℃

• Minimum full shrinkage temperature: 300 ℃

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