Construction Method Of Heavy Wall Heat Shrinkable Pipe With Glue

- Nov 29, 2019-

The middle connection of the cable can be protected by heavy wall heat shrinkable tube containing glue. Today's main introduction is the use of thick wall heat shrinkable tube with glue:

First, choose a suitable heating tool. It is better to use a heating gun. When heating, try to avoid blue flame. The flame should be yellow. Heat evenly and control the temperature.

Second, push the heavy wall tube which is sheathed on the object in advance into the designated position. The spray gun should be close slowly, and then heat and contract evenly from the middle to both ends of the heat shrinkable casing along the circumference direction.

Thirdly, the surface of heat shrinkable casing has no fold and crack after heat shrinkable.

Fourth, do not be affected by any external force before the heat shrinkable casing is cooled.

Fifthly, because the heat shrinkable casing is expanded by gas, that is to say, placed in the copper pipe and expanded by gas, when the stress is not evenly expanded, the heat shrinkable casing will produce wall deflection. You don't have to worry about this. The normal wall deflection is normal. When we heat and contract, the wall deflection will decrease correspondingly. In case of wall deflection, we shall heat it in accordance with the normal process, and heat it evenly, so that the area that shrinks first shrinks first as much as possible, and then heat it in a proper place that is too thick. Pay attention not to heat the fire source in a short distance because of the wall thickness, so as to scorch the surface of the heat shrinkable protective sleeve.


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