Determination Of Glue For Medical Silicone Rubber Tube And Heat Shrinkable Tube

- Sep 08, 2020-

In the silicone industry manufacturers often encounter such problems, medical silicone rubber tube with what glue bonding is good?

Extrusion molding of silicone rubber strip and molding of silicone rubber tube are well-known production technology of silicone rubber tube by many manufacturers. However, many people do not understand how to select a good glue for medical silicone rubber tube bonding, especially for new manufacturers, when choosing glue.

Medical silicone rubber tube has high requirements in material selection, processing equipment and glue. In industrial production, many seals are made of silica gel and silicone rubber, and silicone rubber strips are used in many places, such as electronic equipment components and silicone rubber household products. Silicone rubber materials have unique physiological inertia. Therefore, it has strong applicability in harsh environment. Medical silicone rubber tube and medical silicone rubber belt can be directly contacted in human body, skin, blood, body fluid and other places. Such as catheter, breathing mask, throat mask, balloon and other products.

After the production of medical silicone hose, it will be bonded with other medical materials according to the needs of specific products, such as medical PVC, glass, PC, stainless steel metal, etc. Medical silicone rubber will be used.

There are three common types of medical silicone glue:

1. One component translucent paste kj-998 and kj-998h, used for silica gel bonding and sealing.

2. Kj-998a and kj-998a-1; they can be firmly adhered to the single or double chamber silicone laryngeal mask.

3. Medical silicone development glue kj-998bl, usually single component blue and light blue silicone glue, is commonly used in medical silica gel catheter, main purpose: to play the role of bonding, blocking, sealing, etc.

The above three medical silicone adhesives have one thing in common, that is, they must pass FDA food grade certification and ISO 10993 test (biocompatibility certification: cytotoxicity biocompatibility, skin irritation biocompatibility, skin sensitization biocompatibility), which is also a method to determine the medical silicone rubber tube adhesive glue.

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