Development Of Double-wall Heat-shrinkable Tubing

- Jan 23, 2019-

Double-wall heat-shrinkable tube is a kind of semi-flexible heat-shrinkable tube with hot melt adhesive. The outer layer is composed of radiation crosslinked polyolefins, and the inner layer is a specially designed rubber inner wall. When heated, the glue will melt and cover the surface of the object, forming a good sealing system. Mainly used in automobile wiring harness insulation seal.

However, the market share of heat-shrinkable pipes produced in China is relatively low, estimated at about 20%. Most of them are occupied by the United States and Japan. However, with the full adoption of domestic certification in the automotive industry and the advantages in cost, the market share of cable sleeve, wire sleeve and automotive heat-shrinkable sleeve sleeve is expected to further increase.

At present, the price of domestic double-walled tubes is only 20%~40% of that of American and Japanese enterprises. If there is a certain quality competitiveness, the prospect is considerable. A car will use heat-shrinkable tubes in China for about 100~200 yuan, while those abroad will reach 200~500 yuan.

When the external heat is applied to the heat shrinkable sleeve, the polymer material that constitutes the heat shrinkable sleeve restores the heat shrinkable tube to form a memory shape and begins to shrink. The adhesive material in the heat shrinkable sleeve is also activated. Adhesive material is to ensure that it is tightly bonded with wires, cables, pipes and steel. This process makes the wires, cables, pipes, steel and heat shrinkable pipes into a unified whole. Heat shrinkable pipes are wires, cables, pipes and steel that prevent harmful elements such as water, oil, acid, alkali and other environmental hazards. Heat shrinkable tube is the best choice for insulation and anticorrosion, so it is widely used.

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