Development Trend And Current Situation Analysis Of High Temperature Resistant Heat Shrinkable Tube

- Aug 30, 2018-

High-temperature heat-shrinkable tubes, as the name implies, are heat-shrinkable tubes with high temperature resistance. Under normal circumstances, our common heat-shrinkable tubes have a temperature resistance rating between 105 ° C and 150 ° C. In the heat shrinking industry, the temperature resistance is greater than or equal to 150. °C heat shrinkable tube is called high temperature heat shrinkable tube

Generally, high-temperature heat-shrinkable tubes have the advantages of high temperature resistance, high mechanical strength, and good chemical resistance. High-temperature heat-shrinkable tubes are widely used for cable insulation protection, insulation treatment or stress relief at ends or joints, and coating of wire processing. Insulation protection, solder joint protection, coating of electronic components, insulation protection of resistors and capacitors, anti-rust and anti-corrosion treatment of metal products, wire marking or color marking.

High temperature heat shrinkable tube can be divided into: 150 °C heat shrinkable tube, EPDM heat shrinkable tube, diesel heat resistant tube, etc.; 175 heat shrinkable tube, such as PVDF heat shrinkable tube; 200 °C heat shrinkable tube, according to temperature grade and use environment. Such as silicone rubber, fluoro rubber heat shrinkable tube, etc.; 260 degree heat shrinkable tube, currently the heat shrinkable tube with the highest temperature resistance in the heat shrinking industry, namely Teflon heat shrinkable tube

It should be noted that the temperature of the high temperature heat-shrinkable tube is the temperature at which the casing is operated for a long time, rather than the short-term temperature resistance. In fact, if it is only a temporary high temperature requirement in the short term, the ordinary 125 ° C heat shrinkable tube can be satisfied. Our ordinary 125 ° C heat shrinkable tube has been tested and can withstand temperatures up to 168 hours in a 175 ° C working environment.

High-temperature heat-shrinkable tubes are used not only as special materials for aerospace, cutting-edge technology, and military technology departments, but also for various sectors of the national economy. Their applications have expanded to: metal smelting, construction, electrical and electronic, Textiles, automobiles, machinery, chemical light industry, etc., with the improvement of the production level of domestically produced organic silicon and other raw materials, there will be huge room for development.