Different Performance Of The Cable Cap

- Dec 20, 2017-

Heat shrinkable sleeve series cable sealing cap is mainly used in cable interface protection work cap coated with high performance of hot melt adhesive, the sol after heating can be very good to shrink, while the surface melt glue, are basically used PE polyethylene material, the sealing cap is PE will be a lot more expensive.

The price is high and the material used is also different, the performance of this material is better than the ordinary PVC products. In the process of using PVC, if the decomposition occurs, the presence of monomer will have a certain impact on the surrounding environment, so we can't see PVC in high-end occasions.

The products made by different manufacturers are also different. Therefore, buyers need to pay attention to it. Before buying, they need to know what products they need and then purchase them purposefully, which will be easier. Otherwise, it is likely that in the process of heat shrinkable, the contraction is not tight, there is a gap and so on, and the different calibre also has different prices.

In a word, because of the hot melt adhesive, the coating is even, the appearance looks more beautiful, and the performance is better than the manual. Special occasions and special methods also need special materials. Just like communication industry, the material of valve core may be much more expensive than heat shrink rubber. It is better to choose the high price than to choose the right one, and the price is good.